22nd December to 19th January  


  Your Planetary Ruler               Saturn

  Your Element                            Earth

  Your sign                                   Moveable 



You will be economical, prudent, reasonable, thoughtful and practical in life. You will be calculative and you will execute any work after taking a thoughtful and careful decision. You will have the required push and confidence and you will not hesitate in bringing through chance in your career, once you take a bold and careful decision you have a study nature, immense tolerance but at times you will lack the required degree of patience. You are serious in disposition, and humility is one of your chief characteristics.


You are good looking, with sharp  features, well shaped eyebrows and sensual lips. Your eyes are piecing in their intensity at times. You facial outlook is also quite pleasing and attraction .


You are prudent, cautious and hard working. You are active and vigorous, and, at the same time, plodding. You are endowed with a spirit of service, and have a strong sense of duty. You have initiative that brings you success. You are practical and economical in spending. You are loyal and conscientious in your work. Your practical nature, at times, gives the impression that you lack warmth. But actually, you are loving and devoted. You will meet opposition from persons occupying high or low ranks, but will, ultimately, surmount all obstacles. You will have powerful patronage of a very high personage, particularly, if you are in the armed forces. In service, you will give satisfaction to your superior. You often rise high in politics too.

Profession and Career

You succeed well in all occupations where hard work and plodding are the main features. You do well in work connected with Agriculture, Forestry, Education, Biology, in Factories and large organizations.

Business and Finances

You are versatile and shrewd in business. You earn money on your own and not due to any windfall, legacy or inheritance. Money also comes to you late in life. You have to toil pretty hard to get to the highest position in life. Money does not come to you that easily.

Ideal Match          Taurus, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn.

Romance and Marriage

You do not marry in a hurry, and do so only when you are assured that the other party reciprocates your love. However, you do not prove stable in your affections. This is not due to an inborn unfaithful disposition but due to the influence of others. Your spouse may be fickle, and bring about a break in your marital relationship. Often, you prefer to marry a homebody who can provide home comforts and good companionship.

Health and Disease   

You are likely to suffer from rheumatism or gout. You are liable to get liver trouble nervous tension should be avoided. Your stomach is weak spot. Your health gets better with your age. You tend to suffer from joint problems, arthritis, neuralgia and rheumatism. You are prone to skin diseases and have problems with bones, gall bladder, teeth and spleen.

Your Weakness

You often tend to become desperate, broken hearted and test yourself to a greater height where you feel the burden of physical strain. Therefore you should correct yourselves and you should be aware of others as well as your fault and deficiency you should avoid nervousness at all cost.               

Lucky Days                Saturday             

Lucky Colours          Grey, black, blue, brown.

Lucky Stones           Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, and Onyx.

Lucky Numbers       1, 10, 4, 22, 35, 44


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