24th October to 21st November

Your Planetary Ruler      Mars Pluto

Your Element                      Water

Your sign                           Fixed 


You have a well set body and are of middle structure, you have a youthful appearance and are fickle minded fellow. You are clever powerful and dignified .At the same time you are cruel, sensual and usually not generous. You are a good conversationalist and you possess equally good writing skills, and are of commanding nature.

Physical Appearance

Generally, you present an attractive and strikingly tidy appearance with not a hair out of place, your nails well cared for and so on. Most of you have a fine skin texture. However, once you have entered your thirties, you tend to put on weights.


You have a strong and dominating personality, with strong will power. Generally, you never forget a grudge, and take revenge even after a long time. You do not prefer a frontal attack, and opt for indirect means. Subtle strategies and conspiracies hold a special fascination for you. Therefore, you must be specially beware of who may happen to be your enemies. You are not only subtle, but energetic too. Generally, people around you are quick to note that you have a keen and penetrating intellect, combined with great dynamism. You are also analytical, skilful and patient, and have literary abilities and creative talents.

Profession and Career

The most suitable professions for you are those related to music, art and scientific pursuits. You also do well as doctors, particularly, as surgeons in departments of public health. You make good Architects, Executives in Industry, Officers in the Military and Navy, Chemists, Heads of Institutions, Mechanical engineers, Machinists, Sales Managers.

Business and Finances

You are shrewd at business matters, and financially, you generally do well. But you like to make a lot of money all at once. You have to be patient and persevering in building your finances. You should adopt wait and watch policy rather than grabbing all the entire lot at one time.

Ideal Match                   Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Romance and Marriage

Love and Romance are the basic instincts of your harmful life. You are prone to get attraction of the opposite sex. Inspite of your refusal to accept the pure love of the opposite sex you easily get on facial attraction rather than true love. You are considered very sexy and are intense lovers, with the attraction being more of physical craving than pure love. In several cases it has been noticed that probably there may be a tragedy in the first part of your life, and you may marry a second time.

Health and Disease

Your health calls for more care and attention. Since you are a good eater of delicious food you should be more careful in your choice of food. You are also prone to fevers and bruises. The weak parts in your anatomy are the groin and bladder, the pelvis, the stomach and the throat. You are prone to catching infections and contagious diseases.

Your Weakness

You generally put off things till the last moment and you also prepare at the eleventh hour it is because of your fortune that you come out successfully. You have the tendency to start late but again your fortune favors you to finish first. Though on the face it you appear to be frank playful and blunt but actually you would like to keep all secrets in your heart and min

Lucky Days         Tuesday and  Thursday.

Lucky Colors     Rust, red, earth brown.

Lucky Stone        Bloodstone, Topaz, Garnet, Red Coral.

Your Lucky Numbers       9, 18, 36, 45, 63 








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